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Mayfair United Church

Saskatoon, SK


Wedding Policy


Mayfair United Church joins you in your excitement as you plan for your wedding day and we are delighted that you are considering Mayfair United for your Celebration of Marriage ceremony. 


At Mayfair United Church and in the United Church of Canada we believe human relationship to be one of the many gifts from God. With God, we give thanks that you have found a relationship which affirms, nurtures and sustains each of you. This is indeed a blessing! 


All of our relationships, our most public and our most intimate, are informed and nurtured by our faith values. We understand that these values call us into relationships that are mutual, just, generous, respectful and life-giving. As Christians we see these qualities expressed most fully in the life of Jesus, the Christ, who teaches that we are to love one another as God loves us. 


As a worshipping community we at Mayfair United believe that our relationship with God can be enriched by the experience of God found in community. Therefore, our most personal relationship with a chosen spousewillbenefit from rituals that allow us to profess our love for the other within community. 


In a public ceremony, as we enter a covenant relationship with each other we also ask God to enter fully into our relationship, to guide and to bless us on our journey together. 


Consistent with our Mission Statement* and in thanksgiving for God’s abundant love as witnessed in an intimate relationship between spouses, Mayfair United Church is open to celebrating marriage ceremonies for all people. 


In our continued desire to serve the community around us Mayfair United does not require couples to be members of our congregation or the United Church of Canada nor are there restrictions on the marriage of people who are divorced or those currently living together. It is required that at least one member of the couple be Christian and that the couple do wish to enter into a covenant relationship with each other and with God, and that the ceremony be consistent with United Church practice. 


Normally one of the ministers at Mayfair United will preside over the wedding ceremony. On rare occasions and with the permission of our ministry staff you may invite another minister to preside.** 


We hope that you will choose to hold your wedding ceremony in our church; however, depending on the circumstances, our ministers may provide leadership in other locations.** Our sanctuary can hold up to 200 people and can be expanded into the foyer in order to seat 350. We also have a lounge which can be transformed into a chapel for smaller weddings.


Moving Toward the Celebration

The first step is for couples to choose a date in consultation with the church and one of our ministers. (It is best to do this before making arrangements for receptions and other events.)  Once a date is agreed upon a $50 deposit must be made. This deposit ensures that the church is set aside for the time you have chosen and is refundable only under special circumstances. The deposit is not a guarantee that you will be married at Mayfair United. That decision will be made through conversation and visits with the Minister.  


After the deposit is made couples are required to meet with one of the ministers at least 3 months in advance to discuss their plans and expectations and to work with the Minister in shaping the service. After the first meeting, the Minister will determine whether or not to proceed with the ceremony at Mayfair United. 


Couples are required to attend a marriage preparation class, or classes, or seek professional pre-marital counselling.The Minister will be pleased to recommend appropriate courses or counselling available in Saskatoon.


A rehearsal for all wedding ceremonies is required and will occur during the week preceding the wedding at the convenience of the Minister who is leading the celebration. 



Mayfair United is blessed by the gifts of our Accomplished Church Pianist. Our hope is that couples will make use of this person during their ceremony. If, however, couples do not wish to use our Pianist, then they may secure other music services for their ceremony and are also welcome to use the CD player attached to our Sanctuary Sound System.  Please note:  It is the responsibility of the wedding couple to contact the Church Musician in order to coordinate your musical needs.  


Photographs and Decorations

Wedding Ceremonies are an act of worship. In our experience cameras can be a great distraction to the bride and groom, and disrupt the sense of worship. Photography is permitted only during the signing of the register, and when the couple enters and leaves the sanctuary. Guests are asked to refrain from taking photographs during all other times in the ceremony. A professional photographer will be allowed to take photographs during the whole of the service except during times of prayer and the sharing of vows. All photographers are required to consult with the presiding Minister before the ceremony. Videotaping is permitted from a single camera set on a tripod and placed in the location designated by the Minister. 


Twin candelabra are available for your use.  Bows or other decorations may be hung on the pews/chairs along the center aisle. Flower arrangements or plants may be brought in if desired.  The throwing of confetti, rice, rose petals, or other material is not permitted in the church or on church property. 



Couples being married at Mayfair United require a Marriage License from the Province of Saskatchewan which must be obtained within 90 days before a wedding, and no later than 72 hours before the service.  It is necessary that the church office at Mayfair United receive your marriage license at least 3 days before the wedding.  



Fee schedule

The total rate for a wedding at Mayfair United conducted by one of our ministers is $650.00 *** 

This includes:              Use of building            $300.00 

                                    Custodian                        50.00

                                    Office paperwork           25.00

                                    Minister                        200.00

                                    Organist                          75.00


For weddings done by another church/minister, the total rate is $500.00.

This includes:              Use of Building           $325.00

                                    Custodian                        75.00

                                    Organist (optional)       100.00


For weddings performed by one of our ministers somewhere other than Mayfair United the cost is $300.00  plus travel reimbursement (mileage cost) to be negotiated with the ministers. 


A cheque for the total fees (less deposit), payable to Mayfair United Church, must be brought to the Church Office no later than 14 days before the wedding.  We accept e-transfer and cash payments as well.  We do not accept debit or credit cards.


*          please see attached Mission Statement

**        please note a change in the fees in such circumstances.

***      these fees were current as of November 2016 and are subject to change


This policy was adopted by the congregation on June 5, 2005 and revised in November, 2016






For your convenience, here is a check list of “to do” items:


o  Call the church office for available dates for your wedding.

o  Check your date with the minister.

o  Make a deposit of $50 to hold the date.

o  Make an appointment to meet with the minister at least 3 months before the wedding date.

o  Consult with the organist re: wedding music.

o  Take a marriage preparation class or counselling sessions

o  Buy a wedding license within 90 days of the wedding.

o  Pay balance of wedding fee and bring license to church office at least 14 days before the wedding.











We are a Christian community, 

welcoming all who wish to be a part.


We are searching out God’s will for us 

as a congregation, as we strive to;


-      worship, study and grow in mind and spirit


-      be inclusive of all people


- develop leadership in our midst


-      seek a balance as we nurture and serve 

our congregation and the wider community


-      address issues if injustice in our 

-      community and the world.


In all we do, we seek to proclaim God’s 

presence and vision in our world.

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