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From time and talents to financial gifts, we are grateful for your generosity which allows us to serve our congregation, community, and the world!


It’s not just about helping out. Volunteering at Mayfair is more about deepening your sense of community, deepening your relationships with other people of faith. You would be amazed what you find in common with others when washing dishes, serving food, working in the flowerbeds, or hosting a public event.


The conversations our volunteers have with each other become the foundation of a rich sense of belonging as well as offer love and support for you on your journey. Watch for the many opportunities to sign up for a job and get ready to feel connected!

Lots of Christians don’t want to talk about money in church, or it’s  relationship to their faith. At Mayfair your financial gifts help us live and move and have a meaningful presence in the world around us. Your financial gifts represent service to our faith community and our neighbours. And let’s be frank our congregation does not receive any financial support from outside sources. Your gifts are the only source of funding for our ministry and for over 90 years we have faithfully used donations to serve God’s dream for us in Saskatoon.


There are many ways to donate: You can give online, you can use Pre Authorized Remittance (comes right our of your bank account), you can write monthly cheques or provide weekly donations through our offering envelopes. Whichever way you choose and whatever amount you give you can be happy that your gifts join many others in providing the love Mayfair United is known for. 


Watch below to see what we are all about!


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